It is a greeting from the past to the remaining ships that still come in and sail out of the harbour. In memory of the glorydays when big black type still ruled the waves at Scheveningen.

A tribute to the terminated outpost of the Norfolkline, that connected England and Scheveningen for many years. This invented phrase is painted in the same type, size, color and on the same typical blue backgroundcolour that the NORFOLKLINE uses for its ships.

The initiavtive was supported by Stroom en De Vloek on occasion of De Dag Van De Architectuur in Scheveningen 2007.

Thank you for helping me to create this Landmark: Peter Bos (De Vloek), Francien van Westrenen (Stroom), Maartje de Sonnaville, Babette Wagenvoort, Rieme Gleijm, Bruno Setola, Ramon de Graaf, Liza Enebeis, Lukas Marti, David Skolnik en Peter Zuiderwijk.